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– Providing absolute quality perfection under the supervision of an integrated team of standardization who have enjoyed long and distinguished experience for many years. Below average experience over 15 years

-Full respect for delivery times.

-Ensuring the safety of transport and packaging: Cartons with international specifications.

-Business strategy and absorption capacity:

-We list all quantities offered to the customer. We have no problem with the absorption of small, medium and large quantities.

-Confidence :The confidentiality of the brands we operate on and maintain our own designs.

-Designation and creation: We have a very capable team to finish all types of designations and creations of your model with well developed electra system

we have a system of patronage developed with the Gerber system that derives all types of pattern (H.P.G.L / MDL / DXF ..)

Patronage is a mandatory operation in the manufacture of mass-produced clothing. It consists in creating a representation of a garment to obtain an overview.

Patronage is a two-step activity that is composed of:

– Measurement

– Trying the canvas 

“BIROTEX konfektion ” offers its customers a team of seasoned masters with the latest generation software that allows a delivery in good and due form.

Once the patronage is over, the qualified workers of the “birotex konfektion” move to the cut step.

-Transportation and Freight: 

In Tunisia, all branches of international transport that ensure the transport of goods from Tunisia to abroad and from outside Tunisia within four days are distributed. Tunisia is a unique European destination.

We also enjoy tax exemption in the field of supply and export.

Flexibility: By anticipating user expectations and always listening to our customers.

Borj Baccouche ,2080 Ariana Tunisia

contact@birotexkonfektion.com info@birotexkonfektion.com birotex.konfektion@gmail.com

+216 21 80 20 66